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How to master the Lob shot

Lob it high and watch it fly

A high lob shot, also known in golf as a flop shot can be extremely useful when out on the golf course.

There are two very important aspects to think about when playing this type of shot.

Firstly, make sure you have at least 60% of your weight on your leading leg. Starting with the weight on your leading leg is easy but making sure the weight remains there through-out the swing is much harder.

When you reach the top of your back swing, make sure that your weight is heavily on your lead leg. Placing a drill stick in the ground next to your trail hip is a good aid to stop you from swaying on the back swing.

Now that you have your weight on on your lead leg up to this point it is imperative this stays there through the rest of swing especially through impact.

The second important aspect is the angle in which your club shaft starts and finishes. As we are looking to have lots of loft on the club face as it strikes the ball, we are looking for the club shaft to remain fairly vertical. The tendency is to press the hands and shaft forward leading to the club being de-lofted.

Your main swing thought whilst playing this shot should be to keep your weight on your leading leg, whilst trying to return your club shaft to the vertical position at impact, with any forward lean.

When you are able to do this, you will also begin to use the bounce on the sole of the club, which is designed to prevent the club head digging into the turf. The extra loft that this movement creates is what produces a higher flight causing the ball to land softly.

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