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FREE Custom Club Fitting


At Noah's Ark Golf Centre, we understand that golf is a difficult game and that your enjoyment of playing can be limited if playing with ill suited clubs.  

Do you know how your current clubs could actually be making it hard for you to play to your best potential? 

We have invested heavily in training and the world's best Trackman 4 technology so that our professional staff can help you find the best suited clubs for your personal build and swing.

We carry Perthshire's largest range of demo clubs so that you don't have to try a taped up club head, which can alter a clubs performance.

A club that suits one player will not necessarily suit another and as such you must be very wary of buying the same clubs as your friend was fitted for, just because he's hitting it well.  His fitting is his fitting and yours is yours!

We are an authorised custom fitting centre for Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Cobra, Titleist and Wilson.  To find out more about what each of these brands have to offer, just click on the brand images below.

 You can book your custom fitting appointment online or if you would like to speak with one of our team, just give us a call on 01738 440678 or email us.


Our 5 step Custom Fitting Process

Step 1 - Consultation


This is where we find out a bit about you, your golf game and what it is that you would like from your new clubs.  This information will help us understand your game and will enable us to select the style of clubs that may be best suited to your game.


Step 2 - Collect swing and ball data


Using the leading Trackman 4 ball & club tracking radar, we'll collect data on your golf swing and ball flight, including swing speed, angle of attack, launch angle, spin rate and distances.


Step 3 - Test and optimise


Armed with Trackman data, we'll trial various clubs until we find the best suited clubs for your game.


Step 4 - Club Set Up


We'll take both static measurements and record dynamic impact data to determine the correct, length, lie, shaft flex and grip thickness.


Step 5 - Quality Check


When the clubs arrive, we will check that all specifications are correct before you come to collect your new clubs.


Custom Fitting is FREE at Noah's Ark

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