Welcome to Virtual Golf 2. This latest software update to TrackMan’s simulator golf solutions delivers an experience that redefines what is possible to achieve in a simulator environment. Every training session, every hole you play, every fun tournament you have with your friends… it’s all faithful to the true feeling of the game. World-famous courses appear in simply stunning detail. The gameplay is unbelievably smooth, all your club and ball data is shown with unerring, pinpoint accuracy. So if you think you know what simulator golf can do, think again.

If you want to book in for a round here at Noah's Ark Golf Centre, clink the link below to book, or call us here at the shop

Using the Trackman Simulator during Covid-19

- Only a single operator of controls

- Two meter social distancing must be adhered to

- Equipment fully sanitised after every use

- This is an outdoor simulator, with your golf shots being simulated onto a large screen TV