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Slow Play

Slow Play

A popular topic in the world of golf at the moment is slow play. Whether this be on the professional circuit or in your local club, nobody likes slow play.

Recently during the Farmers insurance open, J. B. Holmes took a little over 4 minutes to take his second shot into the final green on the final round of the tournament. People have taken to social media to defend him others to ask why he wasn’t penalised for this breach of rules.

There are always two sides to a story, he was in contention to win or force a play off in this event and was deciding whether to go for the green in two shots or layup.

The eventual winner of this tournament, Jason day - would pick up $1.24 million dollars and also very important points in the overall race in the FedEx cup standings, so I don’t care who you are but if you were playing for that amount of money and it’s the last hole in the tournament your going to take your time.