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Golf Lessons

Let's be honest about it.  We all want to play better golf.


Whether you're a competitive golfer playing in club or county competitions, or if you just like to play with your friends, we all like to win.  It's in our nature.  Admittedly we all have a friend who likes to win just a little bit too much sometimes, but that competitive instinct is in all of us golfers, whether it's winning the Club Championship or taking a £1 off our pals.


Although we're a competitive bunch, we also play golf for enjoyment and like everything in life, the better you do something, the more you enjoy it, that's where we step in.  We're here to help you enjoy your golf more.  We plan to do this by helping you play better golf.  


We offer several different types of golf lessons, from a single one off lesson to long term development plans.  We offer both private individual lessons and group coaching sessions, so there are options available for everyone.


For more information on our lessons, please click on the links below. You can also buy Lesson Gift Vouchers online by going to our online Shop.

Tom Woods
PGA Golf Professional

Information coming soon...

Josh down line.jpg
Josh Dolzanski
PGA Assistant Golf Professional

Information coming soon...

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