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Do I really need to be fitted?

I’m often asked the question “Do I really need to be fitted?” when someone is looking for new clubs, whether it’s a new Driver or set of Irons.

The answer is always YES.

Many people think that the better golfers are the ones who will benefit from a Custom Fitting the most, but that isn’t the case. I’ll highlight a few points why I always recommend getting fitted is the way to go. Price, Swing, and Technology.

Price –

There’s no getting around it, Golf can be an expensive sport. So, when it comes to new clubs, you want to make sure what you’re spending your money on is going to help your game. For a second, think of the people that you play golf with most often. Are you all the same height? Do you all swing the same way and have the same swing speed? It’s very unlikely that that this is the case. So why would you all want to be using the same set of clubs with the same shaft, grips and lofts?

Swing –

Not every golfer will be looking for the same thing from a new club. Some will be looking to gain a few extra yards, some will want a tighter dispersion, and some will want a club simply because it’s new. There’s nothing wrong with any of those reasons. People sometimes assume that a new set of irons or a new driver is the answer to their golfing problems. This can be true, if fitted to the individual. Like I said earlier, we aren’t all the same height, and even people who are the same or a similar height, aren’t going to need the same specs. If we take two golfers, one swinging their Driver at 100mph and the other swinging at 85mph, they will need different shafts to get the best performance from the club they’re hitting.

Technology –

When I say technology, I mean it in two ways – Club Technology and Radar Tracking Technology. There is so much technology now in Clubs that it can all get a bit confusing if you were to read pages on a website, and without hitting the club for yourself you will never really know if it is going to help you. With TaylorMade you have TwistFace and Hammerhead, Callaway you have Jailbreak and X-Face, Titleist you have Surefit and Active Recoil and with Ping there’s Dragonfly and Vortex. How many of you can say that you know exactly what these are and what they can do to your game? The best way to find this out is to try them and see how they perform.

The technology now in Custom Fitting is the biggest reason to get it for me. There are many Radar Machines out there and we use Flightscope. The benefit of using a machine like Flightscope is getting to see all the numbers involved with the shots your hitting, for example, swing speed, angle of attack, height. The most important thing for me when using the Flightscope is the grouping of the shots. Dispersion is so key when looking at a new club, you want to know that on your miss hits that the ball is going to be going relatively close to where you would expect it to be.

If you would like any advice about any clubs, or if you would like to get booked in for a Fitting then drop us an email at or book online by Clicking Here.

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