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The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

Weight Distribution: Notice how the body is leaning slight more towards the leading leg. The weight distribution for this shot should be 60-70% in favour of your leading foot (leg closer to the target) this is to help encourage a more descending blow, a steeper angle of attack to help create a better and more controllable strike.

Stance & Ball Position: The Stance is slightly narrower than shoulder width apart, this is due to the size of the swing. With a smaller shot the swing should be smaller and the narrower your stance is to keep good balance and rotation. Ball position should be more in favour to the back of your stance. This will help create a downwards angle of attack to help create a good strike.

Hand Position: At address feel the hands are leaning forward towards the target to create shaft lean. This will help create an angle to promote a steeper angle of attack. As you lean your hands forward make sure you keep the club face square to target and not open the club face to keep the shot in line

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