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Elbows not shoulders for perfect putting

Elbows not shoulders

Golf is a very individual game made up of many different aspects. There is more then one way to get the golf ball around the course effectively.

If you talk to golfer’s, you will hear people say golf is all about hitting the ball straight. Some will say it is all about hitting the ball far, while others might say its all about the short game.

All these aspects have a strong case and may be more important to some people then others depending on their own strengths and weaknesses.

I however, believe Putting is the quickest and most effective way to improve scores directly.

You may hit more fairways or greens in regulation during a round this does not mean it will improve your overall score. If you average 3 or 4 less putts per round this will help your scorecard!

This week I have a few Putting tips on how to improve your putting stroke and thereby lowering your scores.

I have heard for many years people describing the putting movement as a “shoulder movement”. Personally, I do not like this thought and my reason follows...

To be able to putt consistently well, you need very little movement from the waist down. When you try and rock your shoulders back and forth it is very difficult to keep the legs and hips from also moving.

Therefore, I prefer the thought of moving the elbows back and forth to control the amount of power generated. While doing this try to keep your wrists from making any hinging movements.

Try and keep roughly the same length of stroke on the way back as you do on the way through but try and make sure you ac