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Flop it like Phil!!

Flop It Like Phil!

Having multiple types of shots in the armory can give you a massive advantage on the rest of the field. This leaves you feeling confident on attacking greens knowing you have a good chance on getting up and down.

One shot that requires a lot of courage is the flop shot. If mastered correctly there is no tight pin position you cannot access from around the green. In this passage I will give you some tips as to perform this shot effectively.

Tight lie

Ball Position: Centre of the stance

Club Face Alignment: Rotate club so the toe of the club is almost resting on the floor aiming to the right

Body Alignment: Aim Straight at the target

Weight position: Leaning forward on the leg closest to the target

Length of swing: The longer distance required the longer the swing

Top Tip: Make sure and accelerate through the ball and DO NOT allow the hands to flip through. At Impact you should feel by leaning forward on the leading foot that your leading arm and club down to the ball are in a straight line at impact

For a thicker lie or more information regarding this shot book a lessons with Kevin by

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