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How high should I tee the ball?

Choosing the right tee

On many occasions, I have seen people using the wrong tee especially when using their driver. Using the wrong tee can cause you to hit the wrong part of the club face therefore giving a mixed range of shots.

When hitting a driver, the main aim is to strike the ball as the club moves on an upwards arc. An extremely common fault people have when using a driver is that they hit down on the ball like they should when hitting an iron or a wedge. If the tee is too high to start with and they strike down on the ball the club makes more contact with the tee causing the golf ball to strike the top edge of the club and send the ball straight up in the air.

When this occurs, the tendency is to want to lower the tee. By doing this you are basically giving yourself permission to hit down on the ball. By lowering the tee you may limit how bad the high shot may be but you are still restricting yourself from getting the best results your capable of. Striking the ball with a descending blow when using a driver can also cause the ball to spin more during its flight and become more uncontrollable.