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Control Your Putting

Control Your Putting

Pendulum Putting Style

Putting is undoubtedly one of the more challenging and frustrating parts of playing golf.

Putting can be reduced to two things; picking your line and judging the pace.

Reading this article will not help you pick your line, but it should help you judge distances more consistently.

As long as the set up remains the same over every put, I believe that the most important thing involved in judging distance is maintaining a smooth rhythm.

Next time you practice your putting, each time you make a stroke, try to match the speed of the back-stroke with the through-stroke.

The best way to do this is match the distance the clubhead travels, both back and through as well as picturing a pendulum and counting “1” at the top of the back-stroke and “2” at the top of the through-stroke.

This will help you keep the speed of the club head consistent through impact and should help you improve your distance control.

After you have got a good rhythm to your putting stroke, the distance the ball goes can be changed by lengthening or shortening the swing rather that swinging faster or slower.

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