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The uphill Struggle

The uphill Struggle

Making the correct address position is key to hitting good shots from an uphill lie. Firstly, you will need to select 1 – 2 clubs more than you would normally hit from the distance. You should then aim a little to the right, with the ball placed slightly more towards your front foot.

Make sure to give yourself a solid foundation by widening your stance slightly. This will also keep your swing more compact and keep the ball from going too high. Lean slightly into the slope (more weight on your front foot) before you start the swing.

When you start the swing try to keep your head over ball. Moving off the ball and swaying to the right will cause you to catch the ground first or hit it thin. If you are struggling with this try leaning slightly further into the slope before you start the swing.

On the way through you will find that you are a bit restricted by the slope, but it is very important that you try to transfer as much weight as possible onto your front foot and keep your turn going as you normally would.

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