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Virtual Golf Tournament 2

Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th May

Final Standings

A massive thank you to everyone that took part in the event. I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped to pass some 'lock down' time...

Congratulations to all our winners, the final round saw a fair bit of toing and froing, with some big leaps up and falls down the leader board.

A superb final round 63 saw Frank Geddes clinch the top prize of a TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver. There was a tie on -22 Par and the playoff saw Pickle finish second, Sandbagger Smartie third and AliB 4th.

A full run down of all the prize winners is below.


Main Event

Winner - Frank Geddes - SIM MAX Driver

2nd - Pickle - Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

3rd - Sandbagger Smartie - TaylorMade GAPR

4th - AliB - Vokey SM8 Wedge

5th - Brodie Bah Gillivray - Garmin S10 GPS Watch


6th - MarkyMark - Skecher Elite V4 shoes


7th - Popeye - Calvin Klein Mid Layer zip top

8th - David Mackenzie - Calvin Klein Polo Shirt

9th - Danny Wizz Bang - Dozen Titleist Tour Soft balls

10th - Deano - TaylorMade Cap

11th - Keoc90 (2) - Sleeve of Pro V1's or £12 voucher


The Consolation Cup

Winner - Chris '7 iron' MillerUnder Armour Daytona Mid Layer

2nd Place - Seve Miguel Olazabal - Calvin Klein Polo Shirt

3rd Place - Claire (Fairway) - TaylorMade Cap

4th Place - Willieboy22 - Sleeve of Pro V1's or £12 voucher


The Choppers Trophy

Winner - The Non GolferCallaway Pullover

2nd Place - Rick Hannigan - Calvin Klein Tee Shirt

3rd Place - Gazza Muff - Sleeve of Pro V1's or £12 voucher


Daily Winners

Round 1 - Thursday 14th May

Lowest Score: Scottyboy Gray. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Highest Score: NotThatRKelly. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Longest Drive: Sandy Fandango - 290 Yards (£30 voucher)

Nearest the Pin: Big Billy - 1 Foot (£40 voucher)

Round 2 - Friday 15th May

Lowest Score: Willieboy 22. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Highest Score: Happy Gilmore - Craig Sheppard. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Longest Drive: Brodie Bah Gillivray - 320 Yards (£50 voucher)

Nearest the Pin: Sandbagger Smartie - Hole in One (£50 voucher)

Round 3 - Saturday 16th May

Lowest Score: Alecia Warnes (2). Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Highest Score: Stewart Duffy. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Longest Drive: Nolan Miller - 290 Yards (£30 voucher)

Nearest the Pin: David Bracken - Hole in One (£50 voucher)

Round 4 - Sunday 17th May

Lowest Score: AliB. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Highest Score: Danny Boffin. Sleeve ProV1 or £12 voucher)

Longest Drive: C Mac - 290 Yards (£30 voucher)

Nearest the Pin: Handolz - Hole in One (£50 voucher)

Random Prizes

Voucher for a 2-Hour Trackman Simulator Hire: Cooks

 Voucher for a 2-Hour Trackman Simulator Hire: Deckers

1 Dozen TaylorMade Tour Response Balls: Nastos

1 Dozen TaylorMade Tour Response Balls: Tiger MacDonald


1st Place

SIM MAX Driver

worth £399

Virtual prizes 2.png
Virtual prizes2 2.png

How it works

The Tournament is being played on the mythical Par 72, Noah's Revenge Course.

Your score for each round will be decided by a spin of the virtual wheel and this could be anything between 63 and 83!!

A 63 is a great score and 9 under par. An 83 however, is not so good and 11 over par. 


With a potential 20 shot swing in each round, this should keep everyone's interest going.

After each player has been assigned a score for round one, a leader board will be published.

The scoring format repeats again for round 2 the next day.

In the event of a tie for any prize, then a random draw on the wheel will decide the winner.

There will be a cut after 2 rounds and the tournament split into the Main Event and the Consolation Cup, for the final 2 rounds! The cut will include half the field, but will include anyone within 10 shots of the leader.

So make the cut or not, you are guaranteed 4 days of play!

All prizes will be golf equipment from Noah's Ark Golf Centre store and can be delivered free within the UK.

Entry Fee £10 (You can enter as many times as you like!)

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Virtual golf2.png

How to watch Live

We will be Live streaming each nights event on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The stream will start at 8.15pm Thursday (following your clapping!). Friday to Sunday will be at 8pm.

Note: You do not need to watch live to take part!

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