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Winter Performance Golf Coaching

This performance coaching package is tailored specifically for you and your golf game. I want to help you improve this winter, whether you are a beginner, a low handicap or everything in between.


I will use the knowledge I have gained from working with some of the best coaches in the world on my golf game, my experiences from competing at a high level, and the lessons I have learned through my own failures and successes to give you a better understanding of your golf game and what areas we can focus in on to help you improve the most.


The ultimate goal with golf is to shoot the lowest score possible, therefore the final session will be on the golf course to bring everything we have worked on over the winter together so that you are ready to hit the ground running from the first day of the new season.

Session 1

Analysis of your golf game / Swing (60 minutes - November)

We will have a chat about your golf game, what your tendencies are and the plan for the winter. I will analysis your swing and look to build on that to help hit the golf shot you would like to hit as your stock (or standard) shot.

Session 2

Long Game (60 minutes - December)

In this session, I will look at your long game - Driving, Iron play and shot shaping. I will make sure you have a clear understanding of how to hit each shot and get the desired ball flight.

Session 3

Wedge Play/Short Game (60 minutes - January)

In this session, I will look at your wedge play, specifically your distance control along with your short game - pitching, chipping and bunker play.

Session 4

Recap on Long game/ Putting (60 minutes - February)

In this session, we will recap on the long game and make sure you are clear on any tweaks we have made to your swing and then we will look at your putting. We will have the ability to test your stroke out on the SAM putt lab, the world’s leading putt coaching and training system.

Session 5

On course Lesson (2 Hours - March)

Course management and pre shot routine will be the main focus of this final session. It will allow me to help you bridge the gap between the range/practice area and the course. It will help bring all the work done over the winter and put it into play so that you are ready to hit the ground running when the new season starts.

The Winter Performance Coaching Package Includes


•     4 x 60 minute golf lessons

•     2 Hour on course lesson

•     8 x 50 ball Range Tokens

(for practice between sessions)

All the above for £220

normal price £302


*Lessons are to be used between by March 31st 2020

*Sessions one to four will take place at Noah’s Ark Golf Centre, with session 5 at the North Inch Golf Course


To book your package or for any queries please:

Email: wallaceboothgolf@gmail.com

You can also book online via the link below