Kevin McNiven
Shortgame Clinic


A lot of people focus their range practice on controlling the long game but only spend 10/15 mins on the short game right before they tee off!!

This Clinic is 3 x 1 hour sessions focusing on:


Understanding how to create different shots around the green


Using the bounce of the wedge correctly & 40 yard - 70 Pitch shot distance control


Bunker play 

At the tend of the clinic 

Session 1 - 8th of September 5 - 6pm

Understanding how to create different shots around the green


We will have start with an introduction of the class then talk over different shots around the green, club selections how they perform, analysis of shot faced to choose the correct shot for the position you're in. Pre shot routines etc

Session 2 - 15th September 5 - 6pm

What is Bounce and using bounce correctly & 

Long distance Pitch shots

Understanding the the "bounce" of the club can be incredibly helpful especially on tight lies & bad lies so we will go through this in this session, also looking at technique here. 


we will also look at the techniques and distance control of the 40 - 70 pitch shots to help dial in these to give you your best chance of saving par or better 

Session 3 - 22nd September 5 - 6pm

Bunker Play

One of the Most difficult skills the bunker shot! here we will look at short/ long/ high/ low/ plugged everything to help you address every bunker shot you could face to give you confidence of getting out first time with as much control as possible.

What's included?

  • 3 x 1 hour lessons with a PGA professional.

  • Unlimted range balls during coaching session.

  • Use of Grass area and bunker area when practising

All this for only £50

For anymore Information please contact Kevin Via email: